Time permits only a few Songwriter Consultations and song evaluations. But I really do enjoy helping songwriters to take a look at their work, and recognize the flaws in their thinking process that somehow keep good ideas from becoming great songs. There are definitely tips and tricks that a successful writer learns along the way. I try to impart some of them to those who are willing to listen.

Rewriting is the hardest thing for many writers…they pull in their antennae as if curling into a shell, and they won’t let in any critiques. But that self-protectiveness is short-sighted! The way I see it, the music business is filled with so many brilliant writers, that it is necessary to become at least as good, and if possible, better than the best of them. The more you know of what you don’t know, the more enthralling is your creative process, and the more evocative are your songs! So I continue to teach when possible, and guide those who are willing to reach out to me.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Is this an original, impactful title? Is this the best storyline to develop this title?
  • Is the song concept ordinary or compelling?
  • Is the song’s “hook” effective? Does it bring the idea home?
  • Is the songwriting – language and content – consistent with the genre?
  • Is the writer utilizing a tried and true formula, or winging the shape of the song?
  • How could you re-imagine this story to make it stronger and more impactful?
  • Is the style consistent throughout?
  • Are the verses repetitive, or how do they propel the story forward?
  • Is this song marketable? If so, why? And if not, why not?
  • Is your lyric “in the pocket” of the track and the melody?
  • How would re-writing this song benefit the outcome of the song?
  • Is there some great line in this song that could be lifted out and turned into a totally amazing new song?
  • Can you tell me why a listener would care about your characters and your story?
  • Specifically: What would it take to make your song stronger?In-depth Lyric
  • Evaluations will be charged at $100 per song.
  • Re-writes and revisions will be charged at $75 per submission.
  • Skype Consultations will be charged at $125 per hour.

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I will contact you and you can send me your lyrics to evaluate, or set up a consultation time.
Thank you!

Lyric Consultations with Pamela Phillips-Oland
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Lyric Consultations with Pamela Phillips-Oland