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Talk with qWaqq Founder, Jud Friedman

How to Write a Song for Valentines Day

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Talk with qWaqq Founder, Jud Friedman

How to Write a Song for Valentines Day

Soldier van Oranje - The Musical goes to England

After a long search, NEW Productions, the producer of Soldaat van Oranje – De Musical, has found the ideal location in London to play an English version of the show. Today, on the birthday of Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema, it was announced that the construction of the Soldier of Orange – The Musical theater will commence at the end of 2019 opposite City Airport in the East London Royal Docks. The expectation is that the English show will premiere in the fall of 2020.

The original creative team, Theu Boermans (director), Edwin de Vries (script), Tom Harriman (music), Pamela Phillips Oland (lyrics), Bernhard Hammer (set) and Fred Boot (producer) are also involved in this English version. The British playwright and screenwriter, Jeremy Brock, has been added to the team to slightly adjust the script for an English-speaking audience.

The start of ticket sales will be announced at a later date. The public can keep up to date via the online newsletter, see soldiervanoranje.nl/londen.

Producer Fred Boot: “We have had the ambition and the dream for years to be able to tell the story of Erik Hazelhoff and his friends abroad. London was the location of our Queen Wilhelmina in exile and the United Kingdom plays an important role in the story. That is why the United Kingdom has always had our priority. We have adjusted the production somewhat for an international audience due to a number of minor changes to the script, but at the same time ensured that the performance remains as it has been embraced in the Netherlands. We and the whole team are very much looking forward to sharing this universal history story of a group of friends who are forced to make difficult choices under pressure of the war with the English people and international visitors. “

Soldier van Oranje – The Musical has since been seen by more than 2.8 million people. Today, on 3 April, the 2,634th performance was played in a continuous period from October 2010. The originally Dutch musical can now be seen until September 2019, bringing the nine-year anniversary in sight.

 Info and ticket sales  – SoldierOfOrange.com

IMTA New York is coming up July 15-19, and I’ll be there to judge…

I have been judging this show for International Modeling and Talent Association – the largest talent show not televised – for about 10 years.  Twice a year – in LA and in New York, I go to scout for talent.  And I have seen a lot of of very promising performers.  The show has been the springboard for Eva Longoria, Elijah Wood and Ashton Kutcher, among dozens of familiar faces.

Why do some people succeed at talent shows and others fail to be noticed? Yes, there is a reason.  The ones who grab your attention, the ones who burn themselves into your brain – have a great passion for performing, and it can be visible and evident in the smallest of performances.  It is something that takes over their entire body and mind, and spills over into the hearts and minds of the judges.  It’s not enough to have talent,  Talent is common.  Coming alive when you perform is not as common.  My suggestions to wannabes:

1)   Be prepared – your performance day is not the time to learn a new song and sing it..Know it so well that it’s second nature.

2)   Show your passion exuding from your eyes and radiating from your body.

3)   Pick appropriate material considering who you are, your age, your abilities.

4)   Know that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

5)   Practice, rehearse, wear your performance like a second skin.

6)   Do your warm ups – singing, dancing or acting.  Get your voice ready, get limber, be happy in your skin.

7)   Connect emotionally and visually to the judges

8)   You must want it so badly you can taste it.  Maybes never win.

You have one minute to win me over.  Show me what you’ve got, I want to see it!


Musical Exchange Songwriter Series
Interview with Pamela Phillips-Oland

In the Musical Exchange Songwriter Series, we explore the craft of songwriting through regular interviews and short videos with songwriters who share inspiration and advice and reflect diverse musical styles and approaches to the art of songwriting.

Pamela Phillips Oland and Tom Harriman
on Soldier of Orange

By Tim Hayes,
ASCAP, Associate Director, Communications & Media

Karen Souza

So thrilled that Karen Souza’s wonderful album is being so highly and warmly reviewed.
Atwood Magazine (www.atwoodmagazine.com) did Karen, Davy and myself the honor of focusing the review on just our original song, “You Got That Something.”
This duet with “Japan’s Frank Sinatra,” Toku, is on Karen’s new album “Velvet Vault,” that topped the Japanese jazz charts in it’s first weeks of release in December 2017.
But the really amazing part is that they quoted so much of my lyric in the review!
Enjoy the read!


Karen Souza

Another rave review for Karen Souza’s “Velvet Vault” album.
She’s totally a bright jazz star rising on the jazz world’s horizon!
I’m particularly grateful that this reviewer too, chose to print 2 excerpts from lyrics on the album, and both were mine, from our 2 original songs on the project.
I feel so enriched by the special friendship that has developed between Karen and myself, and our continuing songwriting collaboration.
And when my lyrics themselves are reviewed…the acknowledgment by reviewers is its own reward!

Charlie Green

Charlie Green, a Britain’s Got Talent winner at just 10 years old, is now tall, handsome, 14, and just recorded his second album with producer Christian DeWalden in Milan, Italy.

3 songs will feature lyrics by Pamela, with various European composers. Charlie and Rachelle Ann Go enjoyed a hit with Pamela’s A Friend Like You in the Philippines earlier this year. Pamela’s personal favorite written for Charlie: My First Love!

Lara Cuevos – Best Performance Award

Philippine Star LARA CUEVAS was awarded the coveted BEST PERFORMANCE BY A NEW FEMALE RECORDING ARTIST at the 2011 AWIT Awards in Manila, for her song “This Moment,”

Lyrics by Pamela Phillips Oland, music by Aussie Al Taweel, produced by Christian deWalden.

Karen Souza

Karen Souza, the sultry Argentinean pop-jazz sensation currently sizzling up stages all over South America, has flown twice to Los Angeles to co-write numerous songs with Pamela Oland and Argentinean producer/composer Dany Tomas.
It has been a wonderful, soulful collaboration, and you can expect to hear great things from it, such as Lie To Me. Currently touring, she will soon begin recording.

Jorgen Thorup

The Danish artist with a flair and a sense of humor is currently on a tour of Denmark with his band promoting his new album “Good Company for the Dog”. He and Pamela Oland wrote 3 of the songs on his new album, writing in LA and Copenhagen, including the title song and his current single “Don’t Stop”.

Alana Lee

Alana Lee garnered a stunning 11 million YouTube hits on her song “Butterfly.”
Her new single “Synchronize” co-written by Pamela Oland and Steven McClintock drops this week, with a video to follow. Her meteoric rise was noted by Yahoo Finance and MarketWire August 24, 2011. She’s only 14! Wow! Can you spell Huge Future?!

Simon Lynge

Simon Lynge is truly one of the most gifted of the current crop of new pop alternative artists. A Dane-Greenlander, he constantly tours Europe and the US. He’s the spokes-musician for Norlandia Hotels. He fills arenas in London. An awesome talent! A favorite collaborator of Pamela’s. One of their several co-writes “Bird’s Eye View” remains one of his most enduring favorites and is on his album “The Future.”


Karmina is the beautiful sister duo of Kamille and Kelly Rudsin who are currently on an Apple tour of Europe, finding new devotees as they perform their beautiful harmonies and songs.
Their popular song “Guilty” from their new album “Car Train Ship Plane” was co-written with Pamela Oland at their home in Venice CA. Guilty live in London Get their album and follow their travels at: