Soldaat van Oranje

Soldaat van Oranje September 25, 2013

With script by Edwin deVries, Music by Tom Harriman, Lyrics by Pamela Phillips Oland, and story development by the three together, the hit musical “Soldier of Orange” (“Soldaat van Oranje”) –- based on the Memoirs of Dutch war hero Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema — follows the handsome charismatic Erik from his hazing as a fraternity pledge, through Hitler’s invasion of Holland against their treaty of neutrality; into becoming a freedom fighter, escaping to England, meeting exiled Queen Wilhelmena in London, and helping to form Contact Holland so that the Queen could be in touch with her people.

Erik risks his life dozens of times carrying transmitters over the treacherous English Channel back into Holland, helping create the Dutch Resistance. When Hitler finally discovers and destroys the Resistance, Erik joins the RAF and pilots many bombing missions. Along the way, Erik finds deep love – sadly destined to be short-lived. The musical follows Erik and his 6 fraternity brothers as they take 6 separate paths that define them as human beings and men. One joins the Nazi party and becomes Erik’s mortal enemy, and another “doesn’t want to get involved.” At the end of the War, Erik turns down the Queen’s request to be her Adjutant for life, and after an emotionally moving parting, he rides his bike off into the sunset.

At its heart, “Soldier of Orange” is a story of 6 friends and their transformation, set against the backdrop of war. It is also the true story of a great friendship between a Queen and a commoner that lasted a lifetime.