Lucky Me
I'm a Songwriter!

Today I am writing a song with Tom for our musical,
“Senior Moment”

It’s called “Time Changes,” and the melody is so in synch with the lyrics, that I am thrilled.

And I get to thinking about what I am doing here. We walked into the room and spoke a bit about politics, a bit about where we each went last night. And then I tell him that’s the song I want to do today.  

But I do not have a single thought in my head as to what the song is.

Nevertheless, I am eager to write this moment for our character Caroline to sing while the fellas are fixing her cuckoo clock.

I start scribbling, I share the first lines, we realize we have an AABA song.

As the song evolves, I am struck by how good this is.

And I say to Tom, “This is such a wonderful thing we get to do”.

We walked in here with zero on this song, just a title and a spot to put it in, and suddenly we have this song, this music, this sway, this wonderfully endearing moment on a stage.

We are so lucky! We do this for a living! This is our work.

To create something out of nothing. And something that never existed before is now woven into the fabric of the musical universe.

And it sounds like it’s always been here.

The road of a songwriter may be fraught with potholes, but if we learn how to skip over them, to keep going, to be fearless, to trust in the creative spirit that imbues us; we songwriters are some of the luckiest people in the world. We write songs!!

Lyric Evaluations & Songwriting Consultations

Time permits only a few Songwriter Consultations and song evaluations.

But I really do enjoy helping songwriters to take a look at their work, and recognize the flaws in their thinking process that somehow keep good ideas from becoming great songs.

There are definitely tips and tricks that a successful writer learns along the way. I try to impart some of them to those who are willing to listen.

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