Pamela Phillips-Oland 


Karen Souza
Language of Love

Everybody Knows
Love’s Not Fair
Language of Love
Less is More
Someone Brought Me Wine
There You Are (Second Chance)
Rhythmn and Blues
It’s Gonna Happen Tonight
It Will All Work Out
Waiting For a Train

Karen Souza
Velvet Vault

You Got That Somethin’ (Buenos Aires) & TOKU (Tokyo) (on JVC/Sony)

In The Blink of an Eye

Ralphi Rosario
featuring Frankie


#7 Billboard Dance and #7 UK Billboard Dance

Sarah Geronimo
Duet With
Howie Dorough
of The Back Street Boys
Just Me

I’ll Be There For You
#1 in the Philippines

Claire Dela Fuente
#1 – Philippines – ”Record of the Year”

Something In Your Eyes (Co-written with Richard Carpenter)

If I Dream Without You (with Gigo Guzman)

Christine Ebersole
Soldier of Orange
The Musical


(Co-written with Tom Harriman)

and the
Mercury 5
The Keepin' Kind

Red Hot Rave On

Kenny O'Brien
Nu Gaita

Land of the Blazing Sun

Unofficial Release;
Selena's last single”

Are You Ready to be Loved Forever

Time Bandits
feat. Alides Hidding
Love Is A Wild Thing

Love Is A Wild Thing

Martin Hoybye
Night Like This

Time Travel

I Wanna Be Your Baby

I Wanna Be Your Baby

Red Grammer
Bebop Your Best

(All songs co-written with Red Grammer)
Grammy Nominated for Best Children’s Album
Bebop Your Best
Caring and Compassion
Listen to Your Heart

Jørgen Thorup
Don't Stop
Good Company for the Dog

Don’t Stop (Single/Denmark)
A Little Bit of Heaven
Good Company for the Dog

Karen Souza
Hotel Souza

Delectable You
Break My Heart
Lie To Me
Feels So Good
Wake Up!

Soldier of Orange - The Musical
co-written with Tom Harriman (#6 Dutch Album Charts)

19 songs sung by the Cast
Feut of Een Vent
Een Kwestie van Tyd
Niets Houdt me Tegen
Nooit Meer
Wolk in de Verte
Als Wij Niets Doen
Vrij Met Mij
Mijn Weg na Jou
Charlott’s Afscheid
Morgen is Vandaag
Een Koningin Dult Geen Nee
Blind Vertrouwen
Komt Terug Bij Mij
Eenzaam Maar Niet Alleen

Christoffer Hoyer
Silent Songs About Things That Don't Happen

Pounding Heart

Nikki Forova
White Dandelions

I Tripped on the Edge of a Rainbow
(And I Woke up In Your Arms)

Alana Lee


Car Train Ship Plane
Sascha Dupont

Mad About You

Lara Cuevas
This Moment

This Moment

Charlie Green
A Friend like You

My First Love
A Friend Like You (duet single with Rachelle Ann Go)

White Apple Tree
Velvet Mustache
Perfection Reflection
Simon Lynge
The Absence of Fear

Bird’s Eye View

Gilli Moon
The Stillness

Conversation With Me

Michael Learns to Rock

Shadow Side of Me
(co-written w/lead singer Jascha Richter)

Estonian Evergreens

First Love Last
When You Fall In Love

Benita Hill
Wineglow & Mistletoe

New York Christmas

Sarah Geronimo
Just Me

What Have You Done To My Heart?


Love Beyond Compare

Van Eck
Van Gogh by Van Eck

12 songs written with Tom Harriman, featuring Diederick van Eck, portraying Vincent Van Gogh’s life as if he were singing about it himself. Each song is inspired by a Van Gogh painting. Included with exhibitions at MOMA, N.Y., Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

For Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Milestones Along The Way

Whitney Houston
Jermaine Jackson
Whitney Houston

Nobody Loves Me Like You Do (Duet)
Grammy Nominated Album

Anne Murray
Dave Loggins
Heart Over Mind

Nobody Loves Me Like You Do (Duet)
Co-written with James Patrick Dunne
Country Charts: #1 Billboard
#1 Cash Box              #1 R&R
#1 Juke Box Chart    #10 A/C Chart
Over a Million Airplays
Awards: CMA Duo of Yr ’85
Grammy Nomination
BMI pop award
BMI country award

Frank Sinatra
She Shot Me Down

Monday Morning Quarterback
(Words & Music)
Producer Gordon Jenkins

Producer Don Costa


Is It The Beat? (Or the Beat of My Heart)

Co-written with
Abraham Quintanilla III

Aretha Franklin & The Four Tops/Levi Stubbs/Kenny G
Through The Storm

If Ever A Love There Was
# 10 single

Produced by Jerry Knight
Love Theme to “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”

Brian Wilson

Concert Tonight

(co-written with Brian Wilson)

Laura Branigan &
Joe Esposito
Coming to America

Come Into My Life
(love theme from “Coming To America” starring Eddie Murphy – produced by Arif Mardin – single)

Earth Wind & Fire
Music Speaks Louder than Words

One World
Commemorating the first ever Cultural Arts exchange with USSR

To Be In Paradise

Let Tonight Be The Night We Remember (1998 Japan)

Was It Worth Goodbye
(1997 euro release – both co-written with band members Don Cromwell & Tommy Girvin

Denise LaSalle
Love Talkin'

Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

Anne Murray
As I Am

I’ll Be Your Eyes
(co-written with Paul Janz)

Englebert Humperdinck
Songs of Romance
A Little In Love

(produced by: Bebu Silvetti – euro single–co-written with K.C. Porter)
How I Love You
(Prod: Bebu Silvetti)–#1 Middle-East
The Road To Nowhere
(1997 album – Netherlands: Dino Records)
Seven Billion People
In Love With You

Philip Bailey
Family Affair

Family Love Affair  
(Gospel album: co-written with Philip Bailey)
#1 Billboard Gospel

Jennifer Rush
Wings of Desire Stronghold

Love Is A Wild Thing (Euro single)

Ben Schultz Band

In The Light (rock single) (all songs co-written with the band: TVT Records)
The Knife (rock single)
2 Good 2 B 4-Gotten

Angelo And Veronica
Soap Opera Hits

I Love You More

Peabo Bryson

When We Need It Bad

Love's Still Changing Hearts

Come Into My Life (#4 gospel) 

The Commodores
Rock Solid

Gonna’ Need Your Lovin
(co-written with Walter “Clyde”Orange)

Richard Carpenter

Something In Your Eyes
(co-written with Richard Carpenter

Wilton Felder
Love Is A Rush

Love Is A Rush
(Produced by Joe Sample)

The Jacksons
Love's Still Changing Hearts

Time Out
(for the film “BURGLAR” – Written with the Jacksons – Jermaine, Jackie & Randy, and Bernard Edwards

Love Changes

It All Begins Again
(written with Kashif)
Loving You Only
(Co-written with Kashif and James Patrick Dunne)

Chuck Negron
of Three Dog Night
Am I Still In Your Heart

Still In Your Heart
(title track)

Reba McIntire

(with Jack Conrad)

Atlantic Starr
As The Band Turns

Let’s Start It Over
Cool, Calm, Collected
(#34 Black Billboard)

Richard Carpenter

When Time Was All We Had
(tribute to Karen Carpenter)

The Reply
Where Are The Answers Now?
Say Yeah
(written with Paul Janz)

Dan Seals
Make It Home

(co-written with K.C. Porter – country)

Live: Sacred And Profane

Turn You On
(co-written with Terri Nunn)

Vann Johnson

Don’t Forget
Other Side Of The Sun
It’s Your Choice
(all co-written with Vann Johnson – inspirational record)

Janny Choi
Simply Love You

Daddy’s Dream
(co-written with Janny Choi – 2002 release)

See Music, Hear Dance

About Love

Dionne Warwick

That’s How You Play The Game
(unreleased – co-written with Greg Philinganes)

Roberta Flack

That’s How You Play The Game
(unreleased – co-written with Greg Philinganes)

Lou Rawls

(words and music: My First Song Ever Recorded!)

Steve Dolmer

Starting Tonight

Kimberly Frank

In A Perfect World
(in production)

Five Star
Between The Lines

Made Out Of Love
Show Me What You’ve Got For Me
(co-written with Rick Neigher)

Pretty In Pink
Wake Up

Two Hearts, One Love
(co-written with Tom Keane)

Kenny Colman
You Again

You Again (Canadian Release)
Let’s Get Away From Here
As Long As There’s Music
Lost On The Wind (with Freddy Heineken, “The Beer Baron!”)

Main Ingredient
I Just Wanna Love You

When We Need It Bad
(co-written with Taka Takanyagi & Patrick Henderson)

Tower of Power

Through Lovers’ Eyes
(single – co-written with Band Members)

Johnson & Branson
Johnson & Branson

Call Me Up
She’s The Best

Scott Grimes

What Am I Gonna’ Say?
Show Me The Way To Your Heart
(The song that was on the Time album)
That’s What I Believe
(on Richard Carpenter “Time” album)

Isaac Hayes

Thank God For Love
(Co-Written with Isaac Hayes)

Cory Lerios

High Time
Here’s Looking At Me, Baby

Paul Janz

One Night (Is All It Takes)
We Touch
I’ll Be Your Eyes
One Last Lie
(All songs co-written with Paul Janz)

The Jets
The Jets
Christmas With The Jets

(single – co-written with Wardell Potts & Joey Gallo)
I’m Home For Christmas
(with Peter Leinheiser – Christmas Album)
On Christmas Night
(with Ron Ramin)
Love So Rare

Greg Philinganes
Playin’ With Fire

Playin’ With Fire
(single: co-written with Jackie Jackson – producer Richard Perry)

Lola Falana

It’s Over
(words and music)

Jim Nabors
Two On One [Sincerely & Town and Country]

Always Leave ‘Em Laughing

Melba Moore
What A Woman Needs

Overnight Sensation

Co-written with or for Leon Sylvers and Silverspoon Productions

Evelyn "Champagne" King
Love Come Down
Face to Face

Shake Down
(#12 Black Billboard)

Makin’ Me So Proud
Tell Me Something Good

Brothers Johnson
Out Of Control

I Came Here To Party

The Whispers
So Good

Sweet Sensation
On Impact
So Good

Love Is In Season
Spinners Crossfire

Love Is In Season
Keep On Keepin’ On
Not Just Another Lover

Glen Jones


Gladys Knight
& The Pips

Keep Givin’ Me Love
(#14 – Black Billboard)
Just Let Me Love You
Do You Want To Have Some Fun?

Smokey Robinson

Love Got In The Way

Troy Johnson
Getting A Grip On Love


Joyce Kennedy
Lookin’ For Trouble

Tailor Made (12″ single)
Love Is A Bet
Chain Reaction
Chase The Night
Lookin’ For Trouble

Talk of The Town

Twelve Songs
(all three albums)

Terri Gonzales
Is There Rockin' In This House

Cover to Cover

Shine The Light

Step Right Up

Rockie Robbins
Rockie Robbins

Goodbyes Don’t Last Forever
You Finally Found The One For You

Talk of The Town

Falling For Your Love
In One Love And Out The Other
(no. 38 – Black Billboards)

Something’s Gotta Give
You Turn Me On
Open Up Your Heart (And Let My Love Shine In)

International Releases

Seiko Matsuda

December Morn
Japanese release
Co-written with Richard Carpenter

Drama Queen

A Daydream Nightmare

Cara Dove
A Daydream Nightmare

A Daydream Nightmare

Akiko Kobayashi
City Of Angels

Let’s Fall In Love Forever
Suddenly Love
​The Reply
Japanese release

Co-written with Richard Carpenter

Zemya Hamilton
Goin’ Through The Motions

Goin’ Through The Motions
single: Scandinavia

Laura Fygi
The Lady Wants To Know

Something About Him
Japan – Euro release
Let’s Get Away From Here
Japan / Netherlands release

Yasuko Agawa

It’s Always You
I Can’t Say No
Love Is A Rush
Japanese release
All songs co-written with and produced by Joe Sample

Over The Pop

Promises In The Dark

Co-written with Johnny Warman

Chikako Sawada
Come Into My Life

Come Into My Life
Single – Japan

Suzanne Clachair

I’ll Be Your Eyes
Single – Australia

This Is Gordon

I’m Never Gonna Stop Loving You
Single – Netherlands

Nikka Costa
Here I am, Yes It's Me

What Have You Done To My Heart
Producer: Don Costa

It's Easy When You Know How

It’s Easy When You Know How
Single – Japan
Co-written with Tom Harriman

Lisa Nilsson

It’s Easy When You Know How
Swedish Release

In Love With You

I Want You Back Again
European release


Wasure Ji No Hitomi

Dolly Dots
Give The Girls a Break

Trick Of The Eye
#15 – Netherlands
Tell Me Why
#8 – Netherlands
Ragged Nights
Give The Girl a Break

Patricia Sosa

Angel In My Eyes
All Those Years Ago
Canadian release
Co-written with Richard Carpenter

John Rowles
She Isn’t You
This Is My Life
A Bridge Across Forever

She Isn’t You
The Girl In White
Bridge Across Forever

Joanna Carlin
Fancy That

Words and Music
Single – England
Produced by Hugh Murphy

Let’s Get Away From Here

Let’s Get Away From Here
#8 – Netherlands

Guys And Dolls


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