Soldier of Orange Songs in English

Soldier of Orange - Songs From the Musical in English


English Songwriter Demos (sung and played by Tom Harriman, composer)

Get In Or Get Out – (fraternity brothers) Erik Hazelhoff and his college fraternity brothers have their whole wonderful futures ahead of them. But first they have to get through the stinking hazing!

      1. Get-In-Or-Get-Out-the-Fraternity-Boys_rough-2

Nothin’s Gonna Stop Me (song excerpt) (Cast) Happy, tipsy Leiden students, exuberant about their golden futures, celebrate Fred’s 1939 graduation as he climbs a ladder and writes his name on the wall of the student hall. Their dancing, singing revelry is cut short by a grim radio announcement by Queen Wilhelmena. Hitler has broken neutrality and invaded Holland.

      2. Nothins-Gonna-Stop-Me_Party-song-Musical-sketch-for-Ada

Strawberry Sundae Cloud (Erik and friends) On a huge expanse of sand dunes, overlooking the ocean’s waves, Erik and his friends watch the billowing black smoke in the distance as Rotterdam is carpetbombed. They struggle with their fury at the Queen for allowing herself to be exiled to England. And in the process of singing this song, Erik comes to terms with why she went, and that he and his friends must somehow escape from Nazi-occupied Holland and get to England to help her. It is in this moment that Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema becomes “The Soldier of Orange.”

      3. Strawberry-Sundae-Cloud_Erik-and-students

Tea (Queen Wilhelmena) The Queen feels helpless in her London exile. Unable to contact her Dutch people, as no form of trans-oceanic communication is available to her. She paces and worries. Tea becomes a metaphor for her frustration when her British lady in waiting announces “It’s Tea Time.” The Queen explodes! “You bloody English and your tea!” “The world is trembling on the brink, But All you can think about is – TEA!!!

      4. TEA_Queen-Wilhelmena-demo

No One Here But Us (Erik and Leyden Students) The Nazis have forbidden Jews from the Leyden campus. A meeting is called by the students. Some feel outraged, but others, such as Victor, are determined to stay out of it. Erik sings, if we don’t take a stand, who will help us? There’s no-one here but us!
(Thank you to Julia Harriman for her vocals)

      5. Theres-No-One-Here-But-Us_Erik-and-students

Make Love To Me (Charlotte) It is the way of war that it separates lovers. Erik has just seen his friend Bram murdered. He has discovered that his closest friend, Anton, has become a Nazi convert. He has himself been brutally beaten by sadistic Nazis. The beautiful Charlotte shelters him, and the simmering undercurrent of love that has been between them cannot be contained any longer.

      6. Make-Love-2-Me_Charlotte-as-sung-by-Tom_v3

Charlotte’s Farewell (Charlotte and Erik) Knowing her love is going away, and knowing that she may never see him again, Charlotte says goodbye at the dock to Erik, who has at last obtained passage working in the boiler room on the Swiss ship St. Cergue, and will voyage to England and the Queen.

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You Can’t Say No To A Queen (Tess and Chris) In the Queen’s waiting room in London, Erik and Fred are amazed when their friend Chris shows up. He has traveled to London from Holland via Alaska and the United States, just as he threatened to do. As they reunite, the Queen’s aide de camp Van’t’Sant instructs the lady-in-waiting to teach the boys how to behave around a Queen. Entranced, Chris uses this humorous song as a moment to flirt with Tess, who becomes very flustered!

      7. You-Cant-Say-No-To-A-Queen_Tess-and-the-boys_v2

Blind Faith (Fred) Fred loses a shooting competition amongst the three of them, ironically by winning it. The “winner” gets to go back into Holland to operate secret transmitters and help set up “Contact Holland,” a Dutch Résistance network for the Queen. He is drinking heavily, and admits to himself that he is a paper tiger who made himself look important when he was the big man on campus; but right now he is scared to death.

      8. Blind-Faith2_Fred

Come Back To Me (Queen Wilhelmena and Charlotte) Two women care for Erik in different ways and for different reasons. Queen Wilhelmena has grown fond of this 21 year old handsome enthusiastic young man who is undaunted by danger. She hates sending him into danger, and is terrified that by traveling back into Holland, this brave and fearless young man will be captured, or killed, by German soldiers. Lovely Charlotte waits for him on the other side of the English Channel in Scheveningen. Together they sing “Come Back To Me,” but each with different motives.

      9. Come-Back-TO-ME_Charlotte-duet-with-Queen-Wilhelmena_-v1

Morality (Anton and Erik) Anton catches his girlfriend Ada speaking to Erik on the beach. Erik, who has made the crossing and is dressed in the uniform of a British officer, had tried to get away, but is now trapped. The two have a dark confrontation, a powerful exchange in the form of the duet “Morality.” They each shoot at each other – they shoot to miss, but Erik’s bullet hits Anton in the leg.

      10. Morality_Erik-and-Anton

All On My Way To You (Chris with Tess, Erik and Charlotte) This is the original lyric which was intended as a love song for Chris and Tess. It changed dramatically when Charlotte was thrown into a concentration camp, and Erik discovered that his friend Fred had been murdered. This song is now a poignant love song in which each of the four – Erik and Charlotte, Chris and Tess – each define the moment by their own lives.

      11. All-On-My-Way-To-You_Original-solo-version-for-Chris

Isolation (Queen Wilhelmena) Queen Wilhelmena feels abandoned. Contact Holland is no more, the Nazis have dismantled her Resistance and killed thousands and thousands of Dutch. Erik has left to join the R.A.F. as a fighter pilot. She is the most alone she’s ever been in her life.

      12. Isolation_Queen-Wilhelmena