Words of Wisdom to Songwriters….

Over many years, people at book-signings have asked me to sign their books, and I find myself calling upon several ideas. Today, the Great American Song contest asked for ten autographed books. I inscribed each one with a unique thought to hopefully inspire and uplift the songwriters who receive them. After I was through, I read them back to my husband, and we liked how they felt. So I thought I’d share these little everyday wisdoms with you, as some day, somewhere in your writing, they might just inspire you to greater heights!

I hope you never run out of great ideas and reasons to write songs.

  • Remember there is always another way to write a great idea.
  • Never forget that Every Word Counts! Never let anything less than your best simply slide by.
  • May inspiration be your constant companion
  • Always trust your intuition – it is your greatest ally!
  • Wonderful Lyrics create photographs in song. Let your audience “see” what you see!
  • Always remember that the Listener is who you are writing for.
  • Every person you meet has a story. Let these images permeate your songwriting.
  • May songwriting always remain one of your life’s great expressive joys.
  • There is no joy greater than the moment of recognition of a great idea.